I was born in Moore, Oklahoma to a musically inclined family (Mom plays piano, Dad plays guitar). I joined the school band in the 7th grade playing the saxophone. I performed in the school band until graduation learning classical, jazz, pop and rock. After graduation from High School, I enlisted in the Marine Corps. It was during a tour of duty overseas that the notion of playing a bass guitar was introduced. A Platoon mate named Eddie (who is still rocking the guitar today) wanted to form a band and asked me if I was interested in learning bass for the band. It was at this point the fire was ignited. Once I returned to North Carolina I bought my first bass (Fender Squier) and started learning. Being self-taught I tried to emulate the playing styles of some of my favorite bands. Even though I have an appreciation for most types of music, I found that I gravitated to Southern Rock and the Hair Band era of Hard Rock. The initial band never happened (I married a wonderful woman and moved to Nevada). I put my music to the side and worked on raising a family. As mentioned I have an incredible wife, 3 wonderful children and 4 amazing grandkids! Thanks to my wife pushing me to keep playing, in 2006 I received an opportunity to play rhythm guitar for an early incarnation of the band Whiskey & Wine. This was the beginning of playing live for me. This version of the band was short lived, I later rejoined Whiskey & Wine in 2011 as the Bassist. Thanks to them and the support from my family I got a lot of valuable on stage experience and really enjoyed my time with Whiskey and Wine. Some of my influences and favorite bands are ZZTop, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackberry Smoke, NickelBack, 3 Doors Down, Metallica, Poison, Warrant, Damn Yankees, Rush, Ozzy, Charlie Daniels Band, Zac Brown Band, Hank Williams Jr., Black Stone Cherry,  AC/DC and  Stevie Ray Vaughn. I have several Basses both 4 and 5 string. I am currently playing a Warwick Double$$4, but I also prefer the Ibanez basses due to the thin fast necks. I use a Mark Bass Amp/speaker set up. I prefer wireless because I feel cords are like a tether and anchor you down. My philosophy as a bassist is to hold the bottom end, lock with the drummer, maintain the groove so the guitarists and singers have a strong foundation to stand on and improvise were possible.