Chip Stone is our lead vocalist. Chip brings to the table a lifetime of music experience. He began as a drummer back in the 4th grade. His mother had put together a band in the front room of there trailer house in Utah. After their practices when no one was home he would sneak in and pound on the drums! That was the start of loving music and playing live! After years of playing music in garage bands, clubs and such he was sitting in the basement of his house in Idaho and picked up the microphone alone doing a little karaoke. Karaoke was just starting to be a big thing. He was hooked! He has loved to sing all types of music ever since! In 1997 he started DJing again which was another love. In 2006 he and his two sons started Stonerock Sound and Lighting. DJing became a second full time job! In 2011 it was time to start the classic rock cover band HighJacked! His friend Doug and two sons Trevor and Brandon made it all happen! Turning drums over to Trevor, Vocals became his passion! Three plus years later he is still rockin and will until the good lord takes him!